What is Handloading TV?

HandloadingTV is dedicated to exploring the art and science behind reloading and handloading metallic pistol and rifle cartridges while having fun along the way.

Here we will provide detailed “how to” tutorials and explore many powder, bullet, primer, and brass combinations to give you great ideas for working up your own loads for plinking, hunting, competition, and even self defense.

This is all about intense experimentation and testing – on the range, in the shop, and in the field. Greg, the owner, has no patience for untested theory, for that is just a guess. Only plain, hard facts produce the kind of accuracy and performance out of our guns others can only dream about. Precise fact and discovery of truth is what HandloadingTV is all about.

Ultimately we want this project to form a compilation of data and personal experiences to serve future generations in the same manner that the writings from the early through mid 1900’s has done for our generation.

The future of our sport, our hobby, and our freedom as Americans depends on the foundation we establish and pass on while we’re still young and energetic enough to play, experiment, and teach.

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